​​  One of the nice things about living below The Mason Dixon Line is that there is at least one recipe ~for any animal that you might see lying dead along the road, "Skunk Stew", "Roast  Raccoon", ~"Glazed Ground Hog",  "Poached Possum" 'n Deer 'n Squirrels 'n Rabbits 'n Trout.  The list goes ~on and on and on.  (Lots of poaching goin' on here.)  Also, all zoos have a plaque on the cages ~naming the animals and next to that plaque is another plaque with a recipe for that  particular ~animal.   Here are some of our favorite recipes, some original, some borrowed and tweaked and ~some just borrowed.                         

  "We love to cook with wine. Sometimes,        we even put a little in the recipe"


  ​The Chefs

 Dinner Grace