​​ One of the nice things about living below The Mason Dixon Line is that there is at least one recipe   for any animal that you might seelying dead along the road, "Skunk Stew", "Roast  Raccoon",   "Glazed Ground Hog",  "Poached Possum" 'n Deer 'n Squirrels 'n Rabbits 'n Trout.  The list goes   on and on and on.  (Lots of poaching goin' on here.)  Also, all zoos have a plaque on the cages   naming the animals and next to that plaque is another plaque with a recipe for that particular   animal.   Here are some of our favorite recipes, some original, some borrowed and tweaked and   some just borrowed.                         

  ​The Chefs

 Dinner Grace

  "We love to cook with wine. Sometimes,        we even put a little in the recipe"