I can hear the comments and the thoughts now.  "Who doesn't know how to make   pancakes?"  Well, there are pancakes and then there are Pip's Pancakes and in our   opinion, Pip's Pancakes have it way over any other recipe that we have tried.                       "Pip" was the nickname of an employee who worked at the Shenandoah Memorial   Hospital here in Woodstock.  Several years ago, as a fundraiser, the hospital decided to  put together a cook book with recipes submitter by the employees.  This recipe was   submitted by "Pip" and after trying it one time, it has become our "go to recipe" for   pancakes.  If you try it, it will probably become your go to recipe too.

 (If you do make them, first, be sure to cover the serving platter so that they don't float up   into the air before you get them on your plate and, second, be sure not to mistakenly use   baking soda in the place of baking powder.  For more details on that, consult Jan.)   

  Pip's Pancakes