~This recipe came from a fellow RN that Jan worked with many, many years ago at ~Morristown Memorial Hospital when we lived in in NJ, (please don't hold that against us).  ~They were working the night shift and she brought this cake in for all of the nurses to enjoy ~on their break and enjoy they did.  Jan asked her for the recipe and what you see, after ~many years of use, with Blueberry stains and all, is the exact recipe that she was given.         ~I always try to give credit to whoever it is that supplies these recipes but in this case, try as ~she might, Jan cannot remember the name of that nurse.

                            Whoever you are, THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE!


~ PS 1.  The original name of this recipe was "Blueberry Teacake".  Jan named it "Blueberry ~Deliciousnness".                                                                                                                         ~PS 2.  I tried to get a photo of the finished cake but before I could take the picture, it was ~almost all gone so what you see is what you get.  Next time, I will try to be quicker!  

  "Blueberry Deliciousness"

~Just a quick note:  Jan recommends using unsalted butter in place of margarine.  Using ~butter makes for a richer cake.  Jan also uses an electric hand mixer.  You can use any kind ~of a mixer but you will find that the batter gets very thick and that is normal.                        ~                                                       Now, get to baking!