~Here is a recipe that I got from Bland Farms when I ordered a box of their onions ~many years ago.  Since then, we have found Bland Farms Vidalia Sweet Onions at ~Costco until this year.  This year, they have switched to another brand and to be ~perfectly honest, they are good but not as good as Bland Farms Vidalias.  At any rate, ~here is the recipe.  They are good on hot dogs, hamburgers, alone, or as a side dish. 

  Marinated Vidalia Sweet Onions

                                      Marinated Vidalia Sweet Onions

  4 Vidalia Sweet Onions, peeled and sliced.

  3/4 cup sugar.

  3/4 cup salad oil.

  1/4 cup vinegar.

  1/2 tsp. salt.

  1/8 tsp. cracked black pepper.

  Mix all ingredients together.  Put in a 2 quart covered dish and chill for at least 24  ~hours, stirring occasionally.  Good with hot dogs, hamburgers, steak and in ~sandwiches.  You may add sliced cucumbers and carrots if you wish.  Enjoy!