Creamed Chipped Beef 

~This recipe is from  They recommend an eight oz. jar of dried beef.  HMMM.  I'm not so sure about that dried beef ~but if you ever get up to Intercourse PA, be sure to stop at Stoltzfus's Meat Market.  Bring a big cooler and a lot of napkins ~because you are going to salivate all over the place and the cooler will be full for the trip home.  Jan picked up a few pounds of ~shaved dried beef which sure tasted like it was also smoked.  We used this beef in the recipe and we have never had better.  Also, ~we did not serve over toast.  We used Rhodes Rolls and sliced each one in horizontally into four pieces instead of just slicing them ~in half.  Since I posted this recipe, I found that you can also get excellent dried beef and seafood at Prime Cuts & Seafood, a ~butcher shop and seafood shop at The Farmers Market on Rt. 42 in Dayton, Virginia.. Excellent meat, seafood and great prices!

~Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes,....this dish really does go great with a nice big ice cold glass or bottle of beer!  Enjoy!