This page is dedicated to pictures of club events from the past.  Unfortunately, when our first website program crashed, we   lost all of the archived pictures from that period and as that program was very unreliable, we started a new website using   GoDaddy.  What  is cataloged below, are events that have transpired since we started using GoDaddy.  As we had lost our   archives from the past, I originally did not put together an archives page for this website.  Since I have had a  request from   a club member to bring back an archives page, this page was developed.  The events cataloged here only go back to 2015.     As time permits, if possible, I will try to gather photos from the period before 2015 and republish them on this page.  For   now, click on the buttons below to see the events that have transpired since 2015.

 Archives Page