Christmas In September 

 One of our club members, Norm Darling, received an early Christmas present this year.  The   story of that early Christmas present is as follows.  My wife, Jan, who is serving as vice-   president of our tractor club, received a call from a lady by the name of Juanita.  Juanita, who   lives in Ruckersville, Virginia, wanted to know if we knew anyone who might be interested in an   antique tractor that her husband had taken completely apart and started restoring.  She said that   there were parts in the garage and in the basement, etc. and that some of the parts had been   cleaned, sand blasted, and primed but that before the project was completed, her husband had   passed away and she would like to find someone who might be interested in coming and getting   the tractor and taking over the restoration process.  At that point in time, she didn't even know   what make the tractor was.  Jan asked her to see if she could determine the make and any   other information such as the model, year, etc..  A few days later, Juanita called back and all she   could tell us was that it was a John Deere.

 With that information, knowing that Norm Darling was a John Deere man, I contacted Norm with   all the information I had and as is said, "the rest is history".  Norm contacted Juanita, went to look   at what she had and ended up returning and loading everything up and taking all the parts back   to his shop.  Below you will find a few pictures of that event that Norm supplied.  Oh, by the way,   the tractor turned out to be a 1959 John Deere 450 Standard.