The Field

Wasn't that fun?

  Pictures by Lou Kocon Jr


 "The Crew", (left to right):  Gloria Ryman, Ride Coordinator, Leo Ryman, Supervisor,   Elizabeth Stratton, Cheer Leader, and Bruce Mangum, Driver. 

 On August 1st, the Woodstock Police Department sponsored Woodstock Night Out, an event   mainly for youngsters, which was held from 6PM until 9PM at the W.O. Riley Park here in   Woodstock.  Our tractor club was asked if we would participate by bringing our barrel train for   the kids to ride, which we gladly did.  Once the event began, the barrel train was constantly   busy.  By my count our driver, Bruce Mangum, made 36 + - laps around the field and with the   exception of just a few of those laps, all eight of the barrels were full.  Below you will find   pictures of the grounds where we were stationed, the barrel train, the tractor club crew and   several laps around the field, plus some of the other activities offered.  Enjoy the pictures. 

‚Äč  The First Ride  

Traffic Control

  Woodstock Night Out 2023