The Barrel Train is another thing that our club offers, this time for the enjoyment of the children at   various events throughout the year.  Below is a list of the places that the barrel train was at during   2017.  Mike Lober, pictured below, is in charge of The Barrel Train.  He can be  reached at  540-837-1455.  

  At Apple Blossom 2017

 March 18, 2017: Wholesome Foods, Edinburg, Virginia.  May 06, 2017: Apple Blossom Parade, Winchester, Virginia.   May 13, 2017: Woodstock Safety Days, Woodstock, Virginia.  June 03 & 04, 2017: Our Annual Tractor Show, Conicville,   Virginia.  August 03 & 04, 2017: Edinburg Vol. F.D. Parade, Edinburg, Virginia.    August 05, 2017: Lord's Chapel   Church, Edinburg, Virginia.  August 19, 2017: Conicville Vol. F.D. Fiftieth Year Celebration, Conicville, Virginia.                 August 20, 2017: Richard's Orchard, Middletown, Virginia.  September 16, 2017: Sandy Hook School, Strasburg,   Virginia.  October 21 & 22, 2017:  Richard's Orchard, Middletown, Virginia.          

                                                       Our Current  Barrel Train Sponsors

     Loveless & Mabe (Roofing & Guttering),   Ortts HVAC & Plumbing,   Kibler's Furniture Store,   Wightman Insurance,                                           Rhino  Linings, (Bed lining for pick-up trucks, etc.) and  At Your Service (A disaster clean-up service)                                


  At Richard's Fruit Market on Oct. 21, 2017

 "June​ Jubilee" PTO Fund Raiser @ W.W. Robinson Elementary School 2016

 ​At The Woodstock Safety Day Event, Woodstock, Virginia 2016.

  At The Apple Blossom Festival, Winchester, Virginia 2017.

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  Apple Blossom, Winchester, Virginia 2016

  There Are Barrels Available For Your Advertisement.

     ​For Information, call Mike Lober @ 540-837-1455.