Ray Powell's 1947 Ford Ferguson 2N  

 Ray on his father's 1947 2N Ford Ferguson circa, 1950

 Warm & Cozy In Our Museum Building  

 This is the story behind our club's agricultural museum having another of our late club member's   tractors in its possession.  This tractor belonged to long time club member, Ray Powell.  Ray   had been working for several years on doing a complete restoration on this particular tractor and   had finally gotten the engine completely gone over and was starting to get ready to work on the   body when, sadly he passed away.  The rest of this story, as written by Ray's widow, Judy is   posted below.  Mechanically, she does purr like a kitten.  I know that for a fact, as I drove it from   Ray's shop to our museum building with just one little mishap along the way, that being the   right rear wheel falling off the tractor about half way down Ray's driveway.  That will get one's   attention but no damage was done and an hour later the tractor was safely in the museum   building.  Enjoy the story, enjoy the pictures and come out to the museum when you can to see   the tractor as she presently is, "in her work clothes".   

  Ray on his "new" 1947 2N Ford Ferguson circa, 2007