~Here is the story and the pictures of the restoration of Bonnie & Steve Crites' "B-52", (no, no, no.....not the bomber), but an Allis Chalmers ~antique farm tractor.  Year: 1952, (the "52" part), Model: B, (the "B" part...... or maybe because it is supposed to be Bonnie's tractor).

~The story starts a year or so ago when I got a call from a former club member, John Crisman.  John knew a lady over in "The Fort" who had ~an old tractor  which had been sitting in a shed for a few years ever since her husband had passed away.  She had decided that she would ~like to clear out some "stuff" and the Allis was among those chosen things.  We went to look at it.  It was a two owner tractor that, in 1952 or ~1953, her father-in-law had purchased new and it had passed down to her husband when the father-in-law had passed away.  She had a ~folder full of bills for the repairs that had been done to the tractor over the years and she had two original manuals that came with the ~tractor.  After giving it the once over, I thought that even though this tractor had not run in a few years, because of the shape it was in and ~because of the documented history it had, this was going to be "a good one".  I offered to try to sell it for her and she agreed to let me try to ~do that.  I advertised it on our website and also on the ytmag.com website.  Then, the Chinese unleashed their Wuhan Virus on the world ~and everything came to a screeching whoa.  We got a few bites on the ads but the people who did answer the ad(s) thought it was too far to ~travel to take a look at and so, it sat for many, many months.  Mrs. King lowered the price but still, no interest.  Finally, I told her that if I could ~not sell it, I would buy it.  (I DID NOT tell Jan about that conversation.)  Finally, a month or so ago, I had the situation brought up at a club ~meeting to see if the club would like to buy it for either a display in our soon to be built museum or as a "Fix It Up & Sell It' money raiser.  The ~club was not interested but club member, Steve Crites was and so a few weeks later Steve Crites, Leo Ryman, Brandon Wilkins, Jim Stup ~and I, headed over the mountain to Fort Valley to extricate and load "B-52".  Within a few hours, "The Motley Crew" had Allis out of the shed, ~up the hill, loaded on to Steve's trailer, strapped down and it was on its' way to its' new home in WVA.  Steve and I, "The Motley Crew ~Photographer" took pictures on that day and I asked Steve to take pictures of the restoration along the way.  What you will see here are the ~pictures of this whole rescue and restoration starting from the day that John Crisman, Jan and I went to look at it the first time. Yes, the ~tractor is running, yes it has good oil pressure and NO, it does not smoke.  It turned out to be as I suspected,...."A Good One".  Enjoy the ~pictures and I'm sure that there will be more coming as the restoration goes on.

Yep, it's running and,.. No smoke!

"Holy......, holes!"

 Spring 2020

 Bonnie Crites on "B-52"

  Late Summer 2020

Alas, the new tank didn't have any holes but it did have a few dents.

 Bonnie & Steve Crites' "B-52"

Mrs. King

  Back Home In WV.

 The Motley Crew

  Stay tuned, more pictures will be posted when received.

Bonnie Crites and Grandson??