Photo by Jan Kocon  

  Raffle Tractor

Too Late, SOLD!.

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  Photo by Jan Kocon  

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 Filling The Museum

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 This is a picture of club member, Marshall Carper's fully restored 1967 Massey Ferguson 135 farm tractor which he donated to our   Agriculture Museum just before he passed away on July 26, 2021.  Finally, this morning, May 13, 2023, five of our club members   went to Marshall and JoAnne's house, "loaded her up and brought her home".   The 135 will be on permanent display in the   museum building to honor Marshall's memory.  To see all of today's pictures click on the red button here.



 Finally, we would like to say thank you to all of the individuals,   and companies that donated to our building fund and to our   material suppliers, craftsmen and to the local businesses that   assisted us in other ways throughout this project.  To see a   listing of all of those who are mentioned above, click on the   button below.

  Massanutten Antique Tractor & Gasoline Engine Club 2024

See you next year?

​​​​ As a fundraiser, once again, our club is running a raffle with the first prize being a 1952   Ford 8N farm tractor, Serial # 117-G26CG, second prize is a Husqvarna 130 chainsaw   and third prize is an ERTL toy tractor.  Tickets are $3.00 each, two for $5.00 and a book of   ten tickets for $20.00.  You can pick up tickets at any of the shows or events we attend or   you can mail order them by sending a check in the proper amount, made out to M.A.T. &   G.E.C., Inc., 302 Fairgrounds Rd. Woodstock, Virginia 22664.  I will fill out your stubs and   deposit them into the drawing jug and return your part of the tickets to you via Uncle Sam's   Snail Mail.  We are also selling high quality, Amish made birdhouses.  They can be picked   up at any of the events we attend.  Thank you for your   support and GOOD LUCK!


    Raffle Tractor Details

    " Sign Up Day"

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X marks the spot.

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