Fourth Prize

(After twelve months or so of lockdown, driver MAY be included.)

  Sold Out.  See below for info on drawing.

From this in early 2020

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  For 2021, our club will be having another antique tractor raffle.  The prizes will be as follows:

 First Prize will be a restored 1941 9N tractor.  The paint job has been completed.

 Second Prize will be a vintage 1978 Ford Garden Tractor that has recently been restored.

 Third Prize will be vintage Ford Pedal Tractor.  (Both second and third prizes were restored

 by 93 year old Junior Helsley.) This year we will be having a Fourth Prize, a Ford toy tractor

 pictured below.  ** Due to the Corona virus, and Virginia's governor's "Stay At Home Order", ~we are not even sure if we will be going to any tractor events or similar venues this year so ~the drawing will be held at the Shenandoah County Autumnfest which will be held in October ~of 2021.  If that Autumnfest is cancelled, the drawing will be held at our building site at The ~Shenandoah County Fairgrounds in October of 2021.  The exact date will be posted here ~and in local publications.  

  As per driver's live in partner, drive DOES go with tractor!


That's all.  There's nothing more to see here so mooove along now, folks. 

   Massanutten  Antique Tractor & Gasoline Engine Club, Inc., 2021

Third Prize

  Sold Out.  See below for info on drawing.

Second Prize

First Prize (Facimile)

As of 02/09/21

~OK, are you all ready for this?  Our club, The Massanutten Antique Tractor & Gasoline Engine Club, Inc., in addition to our ~regular antique tractor raffle, is having its' first-ever Sportsman Raffle.                                                                                             ~First Prizeis a Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy, lever-action rifle in .22 caliber.  The MSRP for this rifle is $578.00 or you can ~choose to take $300.00 in cash, this is entirely your choice.  All local, state, and federal firearms laws must be adhered to.              ~Second Prize is a $200.00 Gift Certificate from G&S Wild Country Outfitters, 23987 Senedo Road, (Rt. 42), Woodstock, Virginia.  ~Third Prize will be $100.00 in cash.                                                                                                                                                         ~All tickets have been sold out.  The drawing is scheduled to be held at our building site at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds ~on Saturday, February 27 at 13:00 hours, (1 PM).  There will be drawings for door prizes prior to the drawing for the three main ~prizes.  You do not have to be present for the drawings for the three main prizes but you do have to be present for the drawings for ~the door prizes and please bring your ticket stubs with you to verify your identity for these prizes.  The Shenandoah County ~Fairgrounds is located at 300 Fairgrounds Road, Woodstock.  Our building site is located directly across from the fair office building ~and directly across from the Woodstock Fire Company's Bingo Building.  Due to the restrictions fostered upon us by the present ~governor of Virginia regarding the Chinese Wuhan Virus, our building is not large enough to accommodate a large crowd so the ~drawing will have to be held outdoors.  In the event of inclement weather such as snow, sleet, rain, or high wind, the drawings will ~be held at another building on the fairgrounds that does have cover.  Signs will be posted if that is the case.  You might also want to ~consider bringing chairs.

~Oh yes, and for all of you fine people who have supported us by buying raffle tickets, THANK YOU!

** All net proceeds from this raffle will go into the Massanutten Antique Tractor & Gasoline Engine Club Inc.'s building fund.

Driver not included.

~ Our biggest project to date is underway.  Our club, The Massanutten Antique Tractor & Gasoline ~Engine Club, Inc. has entered into a partnership with The Shenandoah County Fair Association to ~construct a museum and a display area for antique tractors and antique farming equipment.  This ~is the beginning of "Chapter Two" for our club.  We would gladly accept any assistance of any type ~from any individual, business or company.  For more information, contact President Jim Stup at ~540-465-5066 or Treasurer Lou Kocon at 540-459-7768.  As this project advances, I will post ~pictures of the progress on this website.

X marks the spot.