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     These fine businesses have chosen to sponsor our club's annual tractor show.  We  would appreciate it if you would consider them the next time that you might need the  products or services that they offer.

 Silver Level Sponsors


The dates for the BBQ Chicken Sales are as follows. 

March 31st, April 28th, May 12th and June 2nd.

          We will be selling at the same three locations this year as we did last year.  Those locations are as follows.

  Wholesome Foods on South Ox Road in Edinburg, at the EXXON Station on Rt. 11 in Edinburg and at First Bank also

  on Rt. 11 in Mt. Jackson in front of the Food Lion Shopping Center.  Chicken will be ready at around 09:00 hours and

  will be available until sold out.  Come on out early and get yourself some delicious chicken and give your wife,

  girlfriend or your mother a break from slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen. 



  For more information on some of our sponsors and on some other businesses

  located in "The Valley", click on the "More Info" button on the business cards

  above or go to "The Loko Corner", then to "Loko's Favorite Valley Businesses".

​​  Gold Level Sponsors 

​  Our 2018 Show Sponsors Are All Listed Below 

149 N. Massanutten Street, Strasburg, Virginia


​​     Our club would also like to extend a special thanks to Steiner Tractor Parts located in    Lennon, Michigan.  Steiner is a supplier of restoration parts for just about every antique  tractor out there.  I and several of our club members have dealt with them many times and I  can attest to the fact that                                                                      all of the parts that I  have  received from them, have                                                                     all been really nice, high  quality, heavy duty parts.                                                                      In addition to the parts  themselves, their website                                                                    offers very accurate and  informative videos on how                                                                  to install many of the parts  that they offer (such as a                                                                     clutch for a Farmall Cub).  Steiner was good enough                                                                    to supply our club with many  items for us to give out at                                                                    our annual show at  absolutely no cost to us so when you are in need of that special, hard to find tractor part, go  to their website and take a look for yourself.  They are at www.steinertractor.com or you can  call them at 1-888- 979-7161.  You won't be sorry that you did.   

 "Thousands Of Miles Fresher"

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6895 Back Road Maurertown, Virginia 571-201-2963

​​​​​​​​​   Massanutten Antique Tractor & Gasoline Engine Club, Inc.

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 Bronze Level Sponsors