Pictures by Jan Kocon

  At One Of Our Tractor Shows

  The Moving Crew, James Wellard, Phil Burner, Dennis Wakeman & Lou Kocon Jr.

  Moving Marshall's Tractor

At E.T.O.F. Parade After Restoring The 135

 At Borden Lumber, Strasburg After Restoration

 On Saturday, May 13, 2023, five of our club members went to Marshall and JoAnne Carper's home   and moved the 1967 Massey Ferguson 135 farm tractor, that Marshall donated to our tractor club,   from his shop to our Agriculture Museum Building which is located on the Shenandoah County   Fairgrounds.                                                                                                                                             Marshall was an active member of our club for many years.  He enjoyed working on cars and farm   tractors, and during that time, he restored a Massey Harris Pony.  Then, he bought the Massey   Ferguson 135 from one of his cousins and set about having that tractor restored too.  From what I   have been told, the work was done by the Fadeley brothers.  The end result was absolutely   beautiful as you will be able to see in the pictures posted below.                                                   Sadly, on July 26, 2021 Marshall passed away from lung cancer related to his military service.  He   will always be missed by anyone who knew him and his tractor will serve to keep his memory fresh   in our minds.  Enjoy the pictures.

    Rest In Peace Old Friend, Until We Meet Again!

 Relaxing At Edinburg Ole' Time Festival

  Here are a few pictures of Marshall that I found in my photo archives.

  JoAnne Carper and Marshall's Massey Ferguson 135

  At Edinburg Ole' Time Festival Parade