2018 Club Officers & Board 0f Directors

​​  Vice President: Joyce Rush

 Members Of The Board Of Directors

 Jay Sibert

 2018 Club Officers

 Donn Coffman

  Recording Secretary: Tracy Stokes 

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 Mike Lober

 Lou Kocon Jr. 


​Club Officers.

President:  Brandon Wilkins

Vice President: Joyce Rush 

Secretary: Tracy Stokes       

Treasurer:  Sandy Rinker      

Membership Secretary:  Lou Kocon Jr.

  Membership Secretary:  Lou Kocon Jr

  Jan Kocon

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 Gloria Ryman

 Jim Stup

(Ralph is on the left.)

  President:  Brandon Wilkins

 Ralph  Ritter

       Treasurer: Sandy Rinker 

     Our club newsletter is produced and edited by Gloria Ryman.

              Our website is administered by Lou Kocon Jr.

      Memberships Dues are collected annually in March and are due by March 31st of each year.  The cost per year is       presently $15 for an adult.  Yearly dues for children fifteen and under are half the price of adult dues.

      You can request a membership application by "Snail Mail" or by email.  When you get it, fill it out and send it along with a  check in the appropriate amount made payable to the Massanutten Antique Tractor & Gasoline Engine Club (MAT&GEC) or      you can come to any monthly club meeting and sign up for membership there or you can see us at any club event.  If using  "Snail Mail", send to Massanutten Antique Tractor Club, P.O. Box 476, Edinburg, Virginia 22824.  Your membership card and    a set of Club Bylaws will be sent to you.  For contact information for the Membership Secretary, click on the Contact Us  button above.

 "Teach your children the joy of restoring, preserving and playing with antique  tractors and they will never have enough  money left to get into drugs!"

​​ About Us:


      TheMassanutten Antique Tractor & Gasoline Engine Club, Inc. was  established by a few local residents back in 1989.  Their idea at that time was to  preserve antique tractors, gasoline engines, farm  implements, and equipment.

       Over the years, the club has grown from a few members to a membership  that averages over one hundred members.  While our activities too  have  increased over the years, our main focus is still on the preservation of the  tractors, engines and equipment that helped to put food on the tables in "a  simpler time" not so long ago.  To that end, we have an annual show where  members and non-members are encouraged to bring their tractors, engines,   implements and equipment and to demonstrate how some of these things were  used "back in the day".

       Also, over the years, our club has become more community minded by  supporting and donating considerable money to many local charities. We always  welcome new members, those who share similar interests, and those who would  just like to see how things were done, "in the good old days".



Board of Directors

Janet Kocon

Mike Lober

Donn Coffman

Ralph Ritter

Jay Sibert

​Jim Stup​