Parts and parts and more parts, actually they             advertise over 100,000 parts. You might want to        give their website a look when you are on the            hunt for that elusive part.  Click on button below.


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  Need a really nice campground in the Shenandoah Valley for you or your guests to stay    at?  This is a nice one.  Click on the button.

  Tires, tubes, rims and accessories for old tractors,   trucks and cars.  Click on button below.

                             Wenger's Tractor Parts

 This company advertises that they have over 5,000 tractors   and trucks.  Here is their location and contact information.     Wenger's of Myerstown, 814 S. College St., Meyerstown, PA   17067.  Email:  Phone:717-866-2130.   Contact person:  Josh Kline. 

  Need your lot cleared or your fence rows cleaned or other similar jobs done on your   property?  Valley Brush Control is highly recommended for this kind of work.             Click on the button for more information.            

   On this page you will find information on where to get some of those hard to      find parts needed to complete your restoration.  I have dealt with almost all of      the  businesses listed here and I have always been completely satisfied.

  Pictures of IHC, (Farmalls), are not shown because they      do not breakdown and never need parts.

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 "Wiring The World".   Anything electrical for old  ​  tractors, trucks and cars.  Click on button below.

​​​ "New parts for old tractors." Click on button below.