Fair Food?,....Nah, This Is Pretty Good Food!

 This is the story of a local company that has been cooking and selling food at the Shenandoah   County Fair for over six decades.  This article originally appeared in the Northern Virginia Daily,   shortly before Fair Week 2023 began.  It was written by Ashley Miller.  If you look closely,   you can see our museum building in the background of the picture that was included with the   article.  Enjoy the article and don't forget to try Shaffer's next year at the fair for some good eating.   If you are like us and you can't wait for Fair Week 2024, you can take a trip to Middletown, stop in   at their store and get some of their great smoked foods and salads.  It is located on Rt. 11, right   next to the Cedar Creek Battlefield property.  

 Good Company, Nice People and Great Food!  

  Shaffer's in Middletown....before the sign was blown down.