And these are the guys that put "the finishing touches" on this part of the project.


  November 07, 2022  

~This is the day that we have all been waiting for.  Our farm museum building was completed ~today.  It has taken over three years to get where we are and there are a few small things to ~do yet, but for all intents and purposes, we are officially finished with construction.  


​  & Jose


  November 14, 2022, @13:00 Hours  

  November 23, 2022, @14:30 Hours  

  November 20, 2022, @13:30 Hours  

  November 17, 2022, @14:00 Hours  

  This Was The Second Load Of Building Material, "Truss Me!"

  November 09, 2022  

 Photo by Jan Kocon

  Mysteriously, More Building Material Appeared

  First Load Of Building Material

  November 08, 2022  

 Pictures by Jan Kocon, Lou Kocon & Bill Johnson

   November 25, 2022  


  November 22, 2022, @12:30 Hours  

    Danny & Brian

   November 24, 2022, No Work Today 

  Construction Is Started On November 04,2022.

  November 10, 2022  

  & Danny 

~Thanks to all of the individuals and companies who supported us with their donations and/or by ~buying tickets on our fund-raising raffles, we now have enough money to finish the Antique Farm ~Equipment Museum, a project that we started almost three years ago.  Below, you will find ~pictures of the progress of Phase III of this project as it unfolds.  Enjoy the pictures and once the ~project is completed, come and see us at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds when we are ~open which will be at events such as the Young Farmers Tractor Pull, Fair Week, the Autumn ~Fest Festival and similar events.                                                                                                      ~Once again, enjoy the pictures and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!