Valley Brush Control LLC

  Recently, I decided to reclaim several acres of our land that over the years had become very badly overgrown with quite a ~selection of brush including cedar trees, "olive trees" and a various selection of other varieties of non-wanted brush.  I could ~have spent hours upon hours on the backhoe digging everything out but then I still would have had to push everything into ~piles and burn them or I could have spent several days with a chain saw, still having to gather up all of the brush, put it into ~piles and burn them or I could try a brush control service I hadn't used up to that point and get the job done in a fraction of the ~time it would have taken me with a much better end result than what I would have ended up with had I done the job myself so ~I brought in Thomas Bullock Jr. from Valley Brush Control LLC.  The end result turned out to be excellent.  Thomas was done ~in a matter of hours and I was left with a bed of mulch where the trees and brush had been.  With the results being as good as ~they were, I decided to put this "Public Service Message" on our website.  If you have a need to clean up acreage of ~overgrown brush and trees, I would recommend giving Thomas a call for an estimate.  Having used this service on several ~occasions now, it comes "highly user recommended".  Oh yes, I have known Thomas since he was an infant.  He has grown ~up to be a very polite young man who takes pride in whatever he does.  If you use this service, you won't be sorry.