Below is the Obituary that appeared in The Winchester Star.  Under the Obituary is a button that  ~will take you to a group of photos which were taken of Charlie and Sis over the years.

  On July 28, we lost Charlie Wolfe, another member of our tractor club. He will be sorely missed.  I ~doubt that there are even a few people who knew Charlie that didn't like him.  Charlie always ~"livened up" our tractor club meetings, our tractor shows and other events we attended.  When ~"Sis", his wife of 57 years came with him, she brightened up the particular event in question.  The ~good news is that Charlie and Sis are together once again. I can truly say that my wife and I loved ~them both.       Rest In Peace, Old Friend.  Hopefully, one day, we will meet again.        

   Charlie Wolfe  1938 - 2019