Charlie "playing" at one of our tractor shows held at The Shenandoah County Fairgrounds.

  Charlie at an Apple Blossom Parade

  Here are photos of Charlie, Sis and others.  I doubt if some of the date stamps are correct.

 Charlie at an event.  I think "Sunday At The Park" after Apple Blossom Parade but doubt the date stamp.

  Charlie and Sis at a club picnic held at Edge Water Farm

  Charlie's last tractor show held at the Conicville Volunteer Fire Department's Show Grounds

  Charlie's "John Deere" Ford pick up and "Talking Tractors" with Leo Ryman

            Charlie's John Deere 420 as it appeared at his memorial service along with his great grandson.      .      Note the three words above the license plate, "Keep Virginia Green", that was Charlie.

  Memories of Charlie

  Charlie and Sis at a club picnic at the Dawson's 

    Charlie and Sis at Yellow Springs