Chapter Eleven, The Final Chapter?


        So, quite a while back, we went to "The People's Republik Of New Jersey" to pick up "Elmer".  At that time, I          really thought that my purchasing of "new" old Farmalls had come to an end, with the exception of the rare             possibility that I might find a Hebard Shop Mule at a cost that I could afford.  As I have mentioned before, this         farm seems to be The Bermuda Triangle as far as running tractors go.  I can go just about anywhere in the               country to bring back a running tractor and within a few months of residence here at the farm, the particular             tractor runs no more.  Don't ask me why, it just happens as in "Sh** (Stuff) Happens".  Now, when tractors don't      run, it makes it very hard to take them to various events.  In addition to the tractors breaking down, this old body    has also broken down.  ("Golden Years", my a** (butt).  So, as I am waiting to be repaired, my interest to go out        to the  barn to work on tractors has been somewhat diminished.  What I did not realize is that "The Better Half",      who at the present time, is the President of our tractor club, wanted to take a tractor to a show or two but, of           course, she did not tell me this.  I guess I was supposed to know this through ESP.  I guess that I forgot to read       "The Rules", a copy of which is kept in our bed room and which is also attached here.  I am sure that this                  situation is covered under a hidden paragraph or sub-paragraph somewhere in "The Rules".                                          Anyway, we were sitting in the living room one night and Jan told me that one of the members of the tractor          club told her that the daughter of a former member of the tractor club had two Farmall Cubs for sale.  I                       remembered the gentleman and although it had been many years since he had dropped out of the club, I also           remembered the one Farmall Cub that he used to run in the parades, etc..  As I remembered it, it was a nice             tractor.  We now had a role reversal here in our house.  I wasn't really excited but the wife was expressing an           unusual interest in this situation so I told her to see if she could find out more information and thus started the       wheels in motion.  After many messages or tweets or whatever they do now in place of Mr. Bell's invention, a           meeting was set up for us to go look at what was for sale.  There were two tractor plus many extra parts, and           several implements, however, as they had been sitting for several years, you guessed it... the tractors did not           run.                                                                                                                                                                                               Well, at least "The Bermuda Triangle" would have a rest this time.  I am now bringing them home already not         running.  We bought them and eventually got them home (after I bought a 10,000 pound winch for my truck              to pull them up onto the trailer).  There IS a silver lining behind every cloud.  I just love any excuse to buy a            new tool at any time and this situation gave me an excuse.                                                                                                 After we got them home, I took a real good inventory of what was needed, took out a second mortgage on the        farm and ordered the needed parts.  They WILL run again.                                                                                                   Oh, and then there are the names.  Since the young lady who sold them to us was named Victoria and due to the    fact that they had been quietly kept in a garage for all of this time, they have been named,........................                   "Victoria's Secret 1" and "Victoria's Secret 2".

                                                           (To be continued? ....... Never say never!)   

WARNING:  Proceed at your own risk.