Our driver for the day, club member Bruce Mangum      driving "Miss Beatrice", his 1952 Farmall Cub.

~Need a new birdhouse?  We have high quality, heavy duty, Amish made birdhouses that ~have been imported from Kinzers, PA.  They are pictured above.  They were specifically ~designed for Bluebirds and/or Tree Swallows.  You can purchase one or more of these at ~any of the events that we attend, at our museum building when it is open, by contacting ~any of the people listed in the "Contact" information which is on this website or by calling ~me or my wife at 540-459-7768.  If you call and get the answering machine, please leave ~a message with your phone number.  We will return your call.  Thank you.

That's all folks!

 ~On Saturday, April 08, 2023, the organization that runs the harness racing at the Shenandoah ~County Fairgrounds hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for youngsters prior to the start of harness ~racing that afternoon.  We were asked to bring our barrel train which we did and we also ~opened our museum building for several hours.  This was the 2023 debut for the barrel train ~and the barrels were pretty much filled on every run.  Below are some pictures of the event.

                                                      Photos by Jan & Lou Kocon 


~Pictured below is our club barrel and seven other barrels that have been sponsored by local ~businesses.  The Rockingham and the Markley barrels were being painted at the time of the ~event so they were not in the train on Saturday.  They are here now and will be added to the ~train for any future events.  We thank all of our sponsors for their support.

  The Day Before Easter 2023