~On June 23, 2019, one of our long time club members, Raymond F. Powell passed ~away at home.  Ray had quite a distinguished career both in the service of our country ~and in the private sector following his years in the service. 

~He was our club's "official photographer" at the various events we either attended or ~hosted when his numerous other community activities allowed him the time to do so.

~Ray had a 1947 Ferguson farm tractor that he finally sent out and had mechanically ~rebuilt.  The tractor was finally returned and Ray got to drive it around his property ~one time before he was housebound.

~Our club, our community, our county and many, many organizations here in the county ~will miss Ray and all of his time and all of the efforts he put forth to help out and to ~make these organizations better.

~Paraphrasing the words of Reverend Kate Rascoe who spoke at Ray's service, He ~was multi-talented and involved himself in organizations that meant a lot to himand it ~will take many people to replace him.

~For a more detailed look at Ray's life, read the attached copy of Ray's obituary below ~which appeared in one of the local newspapers on June 26, 2019.  

Rest In Peace, Ray......Until We Meet Again!        

 At Woodstock Safety Days

  Ray Powell  1943 - 2019 

 Raffle Winner @ Edinburg Ole' Time Festival