This year, we will be having a "Mini-Raffle" for some items that your children or  grandchildren would love to have.  Pictured below are the items being raffled off.  The drawing  will be held on the Sunday of The Edinburg Ole' Time Festival which will be held in Edinburg,  Virginia in September of this year.  Both of these items would make a great Christmas present  and for a buck, "Hey, you never know."  Somebody will win but if you don't have at least one  ticket, it won't be you.

     Tickets are only $1.00 each or six for $5.00 and can be purchased here on our website or at  our annual show which will be held at the Conicville Volunteer Fire Department grounds in  June of this  year or at the Edinburg Ole' Time Festival itself.

     To order from the website, send a self addressed, stamped envelope and a check in the  proper amount made out to M.A.T & G.E.C., Inc.  Mail to me: Lou Kocon Jr. 732 Wisman Road  Woodstock, Virginia 22664.  Your ticket stubs will returned to you in your SASE.

     Go ahead, take a chance, make some kids happy!   Thanks in advance from the kids who  will be the real winners and from our club for supporting this effort.