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Second Prize Ticket Close Up

Third Prize Ticket Close Up

Dave & Siska Woodson

Third Prize Ticket

First Prize Ticket

First Prize Ticket Close Up

Thirtieth Club Anniversary Cake

  Edinburg Ole' Time Festival 2019

       Here are the winners of our 2019 Tractor Raffle.  First place, the 1951 Farmall Super A, went to  ~Joyce French with ticket number 0576 and a 540 area code.  Second place, the pedal tractor, went ~to Dave and Siska Woodson, with ticket number 0680 and a 703 area code and Third Place, the toy ~tractor, went to Shirley Durham of Yellow Springs, WV with ticket number 0075.

     Our club wishes to thank everybody who supported us by purchasing raffle tickets for our 2019 ~Tractor Raffle.

     For those of you who might be interested, see our home page for more details on our Fall ~Weekend For Two Get Away Raffle.  You can bring your wife, you can bring your girlfriend, (but not ~both).  A maximum of 500 tickets will be sold.  The cost is $5.00 per ticket.  You can mail order ~tickets, (Send SASE and check to Lou Kocon 732 Wisman Road, Woodstock, Virginia 22664) or you ~can call for tickets, (540-459-7768).  You can get more information by calling Joyce Rush at ~540-984-8911 or 540-975-1286.  We will be selling tickets and the drawing will be at The ~Shenandoah Autumnfest which will be held at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds on October 5, ~2019.

     There will be pictures of the kids pulling the numbers and many more pictures of The Edinburg Ole' ~Time Weekend itself posted over the next several days.  Stay tuned.  

Getting Ready

Second Prize Ticket